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BitLife Life Simulator


About BitLife Life Simulator


Enjoy BitLife Life Simulator to create your life story. You must complete all missions in this game to help your character grow up and do daily activities.

Shauna Phillips' daily activities are simulated in the game. Destiny Phillips is her mother, and Rocky Phillips is her father. In addition, Ross Phillips is her brother. As Shauna, a young girl, you will assume all the roles and carry out all the responsibilities that fall on a typical female from infancy to adulthood. She will age by engaging in the activities listed in the Activities section. You can select various activities. Nevertheless, only age-appropriate activities are open to you. For instance, when she is six-year-old, she is too young to compete in racehorses. At this age, you can only visit the doctor or the school. You will gradually get older and learn more exciting things like taking part in horse racing, purchasing a lottery ticket, suing someone, or relocating abroad.

When you are mature enough to earn extra money, you can also engage in financial activities. You can invest in a home or a pricey vehicle for yourself. Additionally, you can buy extra ribbons like the rich, scandalous, lazy, hero, and fruitful ones. There are up to 30 ribbons available for your selection.

How to play

Use the mouse to play.

Another fun fact about BitLife Life Simulator

Your character can be modified. You might alter your name or online profile to start a new life. Your indicators will be mentioned in the bars below. Your happiness, health, IQ, and looks will be shown. These indicators are not stable and will vary over time. Join the game to experience a short life. Will you make the right decisions for your life? Is being a model citizen too tricky for you? Good luck!

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