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Bombs Drops Physics Balls


About Bombs Drops Physics Balls


Bombs Drops Physics Balls brings a fun shooting ball to clean the playing field. Control the shooting ball machine to aim the shape and make them disappear.

On the playing field, you will see a lot of shapes with squares, circles, and triangles. The squares and triangles can rotate. You have to control your shooting ball machine to clean them. Each shape has a number which indicates how many times you need to shoot to make it disappear. The number in shape is very diverse. It may expand from 1 to 30.

Furthermore, these shapes will get closer and closer to your machine's position. You need to destroy them before they reach you quickly. Prioritize the shapes closer to your position to shoot. Besides, you also collect as many diamonds as possible to buy some items. They will help you clean the shapes quickly and easily. However, you should remember that they may be expensive, so you must accumulate many diamonds to purchase freely in the shop.

How to play

Use the left mouse to play.

Some tactics to win in Bombs Drops Physics Balls

Collect many power-ups to strengthen

You will collect many power-ups when playing the game.

  • The timer: When you collect it, it will slow down the shape's speed to get close to your location. You will have more time to kill them before they do.
  • The lightning: It will erase most of the shapes on the playing field. Your score will increase quickly without spending time shooting them.
  • The ball: Each time you shoot, the number of balls will increase. This helps you destroy the shape in a short time.

Shoot the squares and triangles

Because these two shapes can rotate, they will help your ball bounce in more different places. Thanks to them, you can use one shot to make more shapes disappear. Take advantage of this strategy to get as many points as you can.

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