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Bouncing Balls


About Bouncing Balls


Bouncing Balls is a classic entertainment game. Eliminate all the balls on the playing field by shooting them in groups of at least three same-color balls.

A game with very simple gameplay is waiting for you. Join the game now to be able to conquer this difficult challenge. On the playing field, you will see many balls with colorful colors. Your main task is to make them disappear. Shoot colored balls to create a group of at least three balls of the same color, and then the balls will disappear. Play until all balls are eliminated. You will win and get lots of bonus points. On the contrary, they will gradually come toward you if you cannot remove the balls. A 1000-ton weight will crush you. The game will be over. You should use your agility to complete the task. Try your best to finish the game successfully.

In addition, you can invite your friends to play the game to compete. You can play this game in turn and find the champion. The person who has the highest scores is the winner. So, let’s play the game now.

How to play

Use the mouse to control.

Some tricks to win in Bouncing Balls

Shoot faster than the advancing speed of the weight

In this game, you will have to clear the balls on the playing field before being crushed by the weight. To be able to defeat them, you need to shoot faster than them. Your shooting speed must be both fast and accurate. Practice until you become proficient.

Shoot the balls at the top

When the balls above are dropped, the balls below will fall because they do not have any place to hold on. This trick will help you to remove the balls faster and more efficiently. Try applying it and check the results.

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