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Bubble Cave Game


About Bubble Cave Game


Welcome to Bubble Cave Game which is a top-notch entertainment game. Rotate the stone in the center of the cave to catch the balls, then eliminate them.

Colorful bubbles will randomly fall into the cave. You need to rotate the stone in the center of the cave to catch them all. However, they can disappear only when you make three bubbles of the same color side by side. If you make any mistakes, you will directly cause these bubbles to hit the cave roof. If the number of bubbles hits the cave roof, you will lose immediately. In addition, the game has no time limit to play, so you can play for a long time as long as you maintain the best state of the cave.

There are also countless types of special bubbles that will assist you in clearing other bubbles in the cave.

How to play: Use the left mouse to play.

The tip to win in this game

You must rotate the center stone to ensure there are not too many bubbles in the same spot. This will help you avoid reaching the roof of the cave. Moreover, take advantage of the special bubbles you see in the game to eliminate other bubbles. You will gradually discover their special function through a few turns.

Some traits of Snowball.io

Some types of bubbles

  • Star Bubbles: automatically convert all other bubbles into stars and eliminate them.
  • Light Bubbles: automatically removes neighboring bubbles by transforming them into lights. This Light Bubble is worth one point.
  • Stone Bubbles: This particular bubble type cannot be eliminated. So Stone bubbles should be placed in the most pointless locations.
  • Fire Bubbles: Bubbles that come in contact with these Fire bubbles will burst.
  • 7-color Bubbles: They can change into a bubble of the same color as the bubble next to them.
  • Bubbles have a membrane: these bubbles change their color when they descend.

Increasing difficulty

The longer you play, the more challenges you face. For example, you will encounter fewer special bubbles. They will make it difficult for you to clear the other bubbles in the cave. In addition, the speed at which bubbles fall can also be faster in some cases.

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