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City Bike


About City Bike


Join City Bike to enjoy the stunning race track with a boy biker. You must control your character to go as far as possible and collect many gems and currency.

Let's explore the city with the cyclist character. You will have to find a way to help the character go as far as possible. The further you go, the more points you get. However, the track is never flat and is simple to conquer. You will have to overcome countless obstacles, such as high fences, low fences, trash cans, etc. Change lanes to make sure your character doesn't hit any obstacles. In addition, when facing low fences, you can jump to avoid them. For tall fences, crouching and sliding over is a smart strategy you can employ. The track will have more and more obstacles. You need to be very focused to be able to go far.

You also have the opportunity to collect gems and currency. This is not a mandatory quest. However, if you can collect them, you will be able to buy many interesting items in the shop. The number of gems and currency you have will help you not to worry about the price when choosing any item.

How to play

Use the mouse to play.

Some interesting features of City Bike

The store in the game

  • The items: There are four types of items in the shop. Choose to buy magnets to accumulate a lot of gems without going through them. X2 will help you double the number of gems and currency you have. In addition, buy hearts to get more lives at each turn. Finally, you will become invincible when purchasing a star.
  • The bikes: There are five different types of bikes, including Bee, Baby, Scrap, Jaguar, Bullet, Boss, and Trash Cat bikes.
  • The themes: Day is the theme already available to you. You need to earn more gems and currency to unlock the Night time theme.

The mission section in the game

The main tasks will be listed in this section. If you complete the task excellently, you will receive a well-deserved reward. The number of gems and currency will multiply when you have completed your quest.

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