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Drift F1


About Drift F1


Drift F1 is a super dramatic racing game with many attractive race tracks. Control your supercar, collect many gold coins, and reach the finish line safely.

If you do not know which game to entertain or choose, join this game immediately. You can try your hand at many races in this thrilling racing game. Your mission is very simple. You must navigate the car to turn in times at the curves and collect as many gold coins as possible. Besides, you do not need to worry about your car's speed. The car will run automatically. You just need to assist it in turning when approaching dangerous bends by holding the left mouse button and releasing the hand to let the car return to the original direction.

Furthermore, you have to face countless race tracks with different shapes and lengths. They can have a lot of bends, slopes, or narrowing. Try to overcome these challenges and reach the finish line.

How to play: Use the mouse to play.

The strategies to win this game

  • You should drive in the middle of the track. This will keep you safe and avoid falling down.
  • Collect a lot of gold coins and be careful with the bends. Gold coins are always placed near the edge of the track, so you can plunge into the cliff if you are not careful or lose control.
  • You should turn a little narrower because your vehicle may slide during the turn. Adjust your distance to press the left mouse at the right time.

Some exciting traits in Drift F1

Many nice cars

There are countless other vehicles you can choose from. These include cars, fire trucks, ice cream trucks, police cars, ambulances, etc. You can only unlock them when you have enough gold coins. The more beautiful the car, the more money you have to pay. Collect gold coins so you can become their owner.

Several race tracks

After completing each race track, you can unlock other tracks. The tracks will have different shapes and different layouts of obstacles. In addition, there are also some tracks that are narrower than others. You need to focus on it to complete the level.

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