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Dune Surfer


About Dune Surfer


Experience an extremely attractive and dramatic surf in Dune Surfer. You must try to land on the waves as smoothly as possible and collect many gold coins.

This surf race is extraordinary. You will control the ball and help it to slide as far as possible. However, it sounds simple, but you must try to let the ball fly up to collect gold coins and land smoothly. Once you crash, you will lose your life. Then, you will not be able to continue your task anymore. So what is a smooth grounding? It is a conundrum that you have to find the answer to. You will probably need to pick up speed, soar, and glide gently through the waves. Can you succeed? Now, let's join the game. An unlimited race is waiting for you. You can play for a long time as long as you stay alive. In addition, the infinite water wave is the main track that you need to conquer.

How to play

Hold the left mouse to speed and drive.

Release the left mouse to fly.

Some tips for you to win

  • Firstly, you should hold the left mouse to speed up in the flat place.
  • Next, you can hold the left mouse to fly high, then you can avoid crashing or losing your life.
  • Finally, you must release to help the ball land a little bit and continue holding the left mouse to fly. Thanks to this tactic, you will not crash the other waves and get more points.

Some attractive things in the shop of Dune Surfer

Many bonny characters

There are 26 balls with different colors for you to select. To unlock all of them, you must collect as many coins as possible. Use your coins to purchase them. The eye-catching balls will make your game more engaging. So, let's unlock them to get many new experiences.

Many eye-catching backgrounds

The backgrounds in the shop are more expensive than the characters. You need more coins to unlock them. They include night, steppe, universe background, and other interesting backgrounds.

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