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Earn To Die


About Earn To Die


Experience a day with countless zombies in Earn To Die. Control the car to crash into zombies and travel to countless locations in search of a safe place.

The game offers a unique experience. You are the only survivor because all around you are zombies. You need to go far to find a new land where they do not appear. You have to combine a few keys so your car can go as far as possible and collect many bonuses. Press the W, A, S, D, or arrow keys, and you will control your car easily. Press and hold the W button or the up arrow to get your car to full speed. But you should not overdo it as it will only flip your vehicle and can damage the movement. Smash the zombies to get more bonuses.

Additionally, you can dive into any hurdles once you have fully upgraded. Destroy obstacles and make zombies disappear by upgrading wheels, boosters, and more from the garage. However, that can easily affect how far you go on your latest run because adding more accessories to the car will cause the vehicle's speed to be negatively affected. The weight of the equipment makes the car go slower. Do not worry. You can still go further when you buy fuel. After filling up with fuel, you should consider upgrading any other parts carefully to complete the journey as soon as possible.

How to play

Use WASD to play.

Some tips to boost the car effectively and win in Earn To Die

Some tips to boost the car effectively

  • Upgrading the Engine means you get faster acceleration and better fuel economy. Both are great for fast long-distance travel, so prioritize upgrading them earlier.
  • Upgrading the Gearbox will help you reach maximum speed. It is quite useful because a higher speed means traveling long distances.
  • Change to new Wheels for better traction. It helps you to be able to go uphill efficiently. In the early levels, this is not a big deal, but the later stages have a lot of hills. They can very well hinder you if you don't change the wheels.
  • Buy some Guns to shoot at zombies until they run out of ammo automatically. The amount of bullets is always minimal, although you will make more money this way.
  • Upgrade the Fuel Tank to go further. And then, you get a lot of money.

Some tricks to win

  • Continuous acceleration on flat roads. You can save gas and kill more zombies thanks to this way.
  • Climb the hill slowly to ensure your car doesn't roll over, and you still survive.
  • Upgrade for the vehicle to be able to finish the mission.

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