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Fruit Ninja


About Fruit Ninja


Join Fruit Ninja to experience new gameplay. The game requests you to use the lightsaber blade to clear all the fruit on the playing field and score points.

Have you ever participated in an exciting game like this? If you are a big fan of Ninja-related movies, you should not miss this game. You will not need to transform into any Ninja character. The game offers a first-person perspective. You will see the rays of light coming from the sword. Drag the mouse to cut all the fruits that appear on the screen. If any fruits are not cut, you will lose a life. In each level, you have three lives, so you need to be careful to cut all of them. In addition, you mustn't cut the bombs. Once you cut the bomb, the game is over.
Let's cut the fruits to get many points and break your record.

How to play

Use the mouse to play.

Some challenges you will face in Fruit Ninja

Some challenges in the game

  • Many fruits appear at once and distract you. You also need to be more clever to handle them all at once. If an uncut fruit falls, you lose a life. Your limit per turn is three lives.
  • Bombs can appear with lots of fruit, which creates terrible things for you. If you are not paying attention, you will hit the bomb.
  • The number of fruits is also increasing gradually. You need to handle it quickly to make sure there are no problems. This is also a game that helps to train your reaction ability.

Some tips to beat them

You should create a long light line to make sure that all of them are cut. You will save time and process them in the fastest way. In this way, you can also earn even more points.

In addition, when the fruits appear at the same time as the bombs, you should slash them one by one to make sure you do not make them explode.

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