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Geometry Dash Lite


About Geometry Dash Lite


Geometry Dash Lite offers a novel playing space and fun gameplay. In this game, you must skillfully avoid many obstacles to finish the race track.

To start the game, choose your favorite music. In the game, you can choose from up to 15 different types of soundtracks. They also have different characteristics, such as different sounds, background colors, and distribution of obstacles. Try playing all to find your favorite soundtracks, or choose the soundtracks in turn to play. At the beginning of the game, your task is to avoid obstacles such as blocks and spikes by jumping over them. You will be safe if successful. Otherwise, you will probably have to start from scratch. Try your best to complete the track. The game allows you to immerse yourself in the exciting game and lots of fun music. You will have hours of really relaxing. Finally, choose another character to play at the next level. The characters are also very diverse, and you can choose freely. 9 characters are always available for you to choose from, including Cube, Ship, Ball, UFO, Wave, Robot, etc. Good luck.

How to play

Hold the left mouse to play.

Some challenges in Geometry Dash Lite

There are many challenges in the game

Some obstacles are lined up individually. They are easy to overcome. You just need to click the mouse at the right time. However, there are some obstacles lined up. They make it harder for you to get through, requiring you to have an intelligent strategy to overcome it. In addition, there are also many small walls, which allow you to pass through. However, if you do not focus on it, you can fall into an obstacle at any time.

Some tips to overcome the challenges

  • You must ensure that you are willing to click the left mouse because if you miss a second, you can lose. So, to win the game, you are forced to control the character to dodge in time.
  • You can double-click the left mouse button to make your character jump further. In this way, you can dodge the row of obstacles.
  • You must keep a cool head, and then you may handle unexpected situations. As a result, you can pass the track.

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