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Halloween Lines Saga


About Halloween Lines Saga


Participate in Halloween Lines Saga to entertain and relieve stress. You will need to create a line of 5 or more items with the same color to destroy.

Inspired by the famous Halloween festival, the game gives you moments of entertainment. You will play on a grid where many horror images are associated with this festival, such as spooky pumpkins, demon eyes, zombies, skulls, etc. You will move them to create a line of 5 identical shapes regardless of whether horizontal, vertical, or diagonal. However, you also need to pay attention to a rule that each time you move. The number of shapes appearing in the grid will increase. Try to destroy them before they are full of your grid. In addition, once you make a line, you will receive five points as a reward. Try your best to get as many points as possible.

How to play: Use the mouse to play.

Some tips to win in this game

  • The smaller shapes in the grid are the ones that will appear in the next turn. So you should move an existing shape into it to block these shapes.
  • Take advantage of existing shapes to create rows. You will save time to complete the game.
  • You can use some power-ups when you face some challenges.

Some features of the Halloween Lines Saga

Many power-ups

To make the game easier, you can take advantage of some power-ups when playing. They will help you get more points and destroy almost any shape.

  • The Undo button: You can use this power-up to back the previous turn. Let's focus on your decision because this power-up is limited. You can use it two times in each stage.
  • The Sword button: When using it, you can destroy the shape in the grid. You should use it to clean the shape that blocks your line.
  • The Potion button: Click this button and drag the left mouse to destroy an area in which you want it to disappear.
  • The leaderboard in the game
  • Your score will be proportional to the number of times you destroy a line. When you succeed, you will receive 5 bonus points. Accumulate the highest points to raise your name on the leaderboard with impressive achievements. In addition, the time is not limited, so you can play until the grid is full.

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