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Happy Wheels


About Happy Wheels


Experience new roads with many different types of terrain in Happy Wheels. Control your man character to overcome obstacles and move to the following levels.

Exciting racing is waiting for you to explore in this game. First, choose the terrain in which you will participate in this game. You can choose one of nine types of terrain to be able to participate. Next, choose your favorite character. Each character will correspond to each type of different means of transportation. They can get around in wheelchairs, bicycles, or scooters. Use the keys on the keyboard to control your character and overcome the obstacles on the track. Be careful, or you can lose your life anytime by painful falls, sharp spikes in the road, or dangerous bends. Concentrate hard to avoid them all.

Furthermore, let's collect the power-ups you see on the way. They will assist you in destroying obstacles or reaching the finish line safely. Power-ups that you can collect are explosives, bombs, guns, and so on. Use them reasonably to pass the level.

How to control

Use the WASD or the arrow keys to play.

Some challenging levels in Happy Wheels

All levels

There are nine levels corresponding to nine different types of terrain. Here are some typical levels.

  • Happy Green Hills level: You will participate in the race on the vast, vast prairie. You will be immersed in the scenery of green grasslands and rolling hills. However, overcoming the high peaks and undulating mountain ranges will take a lot of time.
  • Speed Bridge level: The bridges are built on dangerous heights that will make you fall at any time. In addition, the endless curves will take you a lot of effort to conquer. Try your best.
  • Run Human: The night covering the scene. You will be using the large vehicle with a lot of other people. Try to get as many people to the finish line safely as possible.
  • Some tips to beat all levels
  • When playing the first or second rounds of a new level, go slowly. Approach the obstacle carefully so that at least when you die the first time, you will know what to do the next time. If you approach an obstacle too quickly, you will die in a blood-soaked situation before you even see it coming or understand what it is.
  • You can absolutely play at any level. However, let's start with the easiest level. The level order will increase in difficulty so let's start with the first level to get familiar with the game and gain more experience.

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