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Healing Rush


About Healing Rush


Transform into a doctor and treat countless patients in Healing Rush. Control your character to upgrade the hospital to become larger and more convenient.

Initially, you will be the main doctor treating many patients. You will take the patient from the waiting chair to the hospital bed. Then, depending on each person's disease, you have to give them the medicine they need. When you get the correct medicine for them, the patient is cured, and you can get the money. So let's collect as many dollars as possible. Use your money to upgrade the hospital to become better. Besides, you will receive the assistance of a cashier and a pharmacist. They will make your job a little lighter. However, the number of patients coming to the hospital is increasing, and you need more help. You should make more money and then hire other doctors.

In addition, you also collect the golden keys to unlock other hospital rooms. Once you expand the hospital with more rooms, you get busier. However, it means that you also can make more money.

How to play

Use the left mouse to control.

Some things you can upgrade in Healing Rush

Hire and upgrade doctor

  • In the hire section: You can hire many other doctors who will help you to treat your patients. The cost of hiring a doctor will be higher. However, they have their advantages. For example, the following doctor will be better than the previous doctor. They can go faster or carry more patients.
  • In the upgrade section: You can boost the doctor's speed, or your doctor can collect the money.

Upgrade the hospital

You can have more hospital beds so you can treat more people. Use the dollars you have to open many hospital beds. In addition, you can also open many other standard rooms. These rooms will earn more money than the original room. Finally, other amenities are necessary for the hospital, like vending machines, so let's buy them.

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