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Helix Ball Jump


About Helix Ball Jump


Participate in Helix Ball Jump to experience unique gameplay with the high tower. You have to rotate the tower to help a ball drop into the bottom platform.

In this game, there is a playing field with a Helix tower. There will be platforms surrounding the tower with gaps in them. In addition, the platforms will be at different heights. Your ball will be dropped at the top of the tower. You will begin jumping from there. The mouse can be used to rotate the tower around in space. Make sure the holes among the platforms are where the ball will fall through. Your ball will gradually fall. You will score points when the ball reaches the bottom of the high tower and advance to the following game level. You should avoid touching or falling into any platforms which are different from the usual ones. If you can not dodge in time, you will lose.

Furthermore, the playing field and platforms will change various hues as you progress through each level. They help you become immersed thanks to their striking appearance.

How to play

Use the left mouse to control.

Some challenges in Helix Ball Jump

Some challenges you will suffer

  • Firstly, the difficulty increases gradually through levels. The number of deadly platforms will be more. They will make it difficult for you to overcome. You may be stuck between them and have to find a way to fall to the following platforms.
  • As the falling speed increases, you may lose control. Then, you may crash into the banned platforms.
  • The gap between platforms is likely to narrow. You will lose your life if you do not pay attention.

Some tricks to beat them

  • Collect arrows to destroy any deadly platforms. They will keep you safe despite touching these platforms.
  • Rotate the tower cleverly so that the ball can cross multiple platforms at once.
  • Practice your reaction skill to conquer almost any level in the game.

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