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Jelly Jelly


About Jelly Jelly


Jelly Jelly is a game that collects plankton created by jellyfish. Your task is to collect as many planktons as possible but you don't touch the jellyfish.

The jellyfish after moving they will produce yellow plankton. You quickly collect those creatures but make sure not to touch these jellyfish. If you touch them, you will lose your life. While playing, there will be a red ball flying out, try to collect this ball to earn 100 points, a pretty high score compared to collecting plankton. So don't miss that ball. If you collect a lot of plankton you will get your name in the leaderboard.

At the start of the game you will have 5 lives. Try to preserve this number of lives to earn the most points. This game also requires quick hand skills, quick eyes and dexterity. Extremely eye-catching and vivid 3D graphics. Create comfort for players. This game is suitable for all ages including children. You will have extremely comfortable moments after stressful working or studying hours.

This is a game developed by Mapi Games.

How to play

Just click to play or tap to play.

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