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About JustFall.LOL


Join JustFall.LOL and transform into an intelligent penguin character. The game requests you to control it to become the last who survives in the playground.

The easiest game mode in this game is Casual. The playing field is divided into several different floors. These floors have a lot of unstable bricks which can fall down at any time. Every time you touch them, they will fall immediately. That is why you have to run fast to avoid falling into the holes created by others. The number of people on the playing field is also huge, which creates fierce competition among the characters. Do not let yourself fall into holes created by others. Besides, you also create some gaps to trap others. You should remember that caution is always a priority in this game.

Furthermore, you can select other skin to customize your character. Your character will become more eye-catching. Let's show your unique character at each turn.

How to play

Use the arrow keys to play.

Some fun rules of other modes in JustFall.LOL

Competitive game mode

This game mode is divided into four mini-game.

  • Hexagon mini-game: This minigame is similar to Casual mode. You will run as fast as possible to avoid unstable bricks. If you do not dodge in time, you will fall into lower floors.
  • Just Blocks mini-game: The playground will be rolled, and you have to run forward to avoid falling off the playing field. In addition, you must avoid the blocks because they will prevent you. As a result, you take time to overcome them.
  • Just Jump mini-game: The playground is designed quite similarly to in Casual mode, but there is a bar. The bar will knock you off the playing field if you do not jump in time.
  • Parkour mini-game: You need to navigate your character jumping over obstacles and no one moves forward. Run faster than others for a chance to win.

Custom With Friend game mode

In this game mode, you can still experience four types of mini-games like in Competitive game mode. Instead of playing with random strangers, you can play with your friends by creating private rooms and sending codes to friends. You can play the game comfortably when you join your friends.

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