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Moto X3M: Pool Party


About Moto X3M: Pool Party


Join an attractive and dangerous race in Moto X3M: Pool Party. Let's support the racing boy to overcome all the obstacles and reach the finish line safely.

A new race track next to the beautiful beach is waiting for you. This race contains many challenges and difficulties, can you overcome them? How many stages have you conquered? Welcome to this ultimate speed racing game.

Swimming pools and obstacles are scattered on the track. Once faced with large and small swimming pools, you must find ways to overcome them. You can drive through the tunnel deep under the steam tank or over the rope bridge or ice bridge to get to the other shore. Keep driving until you see the finish line. In addition, large and small obstacles have also been set up. They may be propellers, barbed wires, dangerous gyros, spike balls, etc. Avoid them and complete as many stages as possible.

How to play

Use WASD to play.

Some tricks to beat challenges in Moto X3M: Pool Party

Some challenges

  • The more stages you play, the more obstacles you have to overcome. They will become more deadly than ever and always know how to make you unable to handle them. You can die many times. However, there is no limit to how many turns you can play, so play it until you become wise and master all the skills.
  • You travel on a very bumpy road. Both slopes and curves are numerous. Therefore, you may lose control when playing.

Some tricks you can use

  • Change your motorbike to play. You can select other new motorcycles which have many outstanding features. You will conquer the track safely with them because of their speed and power.
  • Use the up arrow to brake, decreasing your speed, so you will not fall down. When you slide the slope or you want to stop to observe, you need to use it.
  • Rush across the bridges because there will be some unstable bridges, and they can collapse as soon as you cross. Accelerate in this section to reach the finish line.

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