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Motocross Hero


About Motocross Hero


Motocross Hero offers an amusing race track where you can compete with others to win. Drive carefully to reach the finish line, and get many scores.

Have you driven a motorbike in the desert? In this game, you will control your motorcycle to drive faster than others and become the first to reach the finish line. However, the game is not as simple as you think. You will not drive on the flat track because many blocks prevent you from succeeding. In addition, you have to avoid potholes and large cracks or you will lose. To complete the level, you must navigate your character carefully. When you do not focus on the track, you will lose control. Then, you will lose your life. Remember that you only have three lives. If you die many times, the game is over.

Furthermore, on the track, there are a lot of power-ups that help you to speed up. As a result, you can finish the level quickly and get many scores. Let's move to the following level to continue playing.

How to play

Use the arrow keys to play.

Some tactics to win in Motocross Hero

Turn the left and right constantly

In this game, you are allowed to defeat your opponent. When you change direction continuously, you will stun your opponent. Then they will hit your car and fall off. Once they fall many times, they lose the right to compete. Thus, the number of opponents will also be reduced many times. You can also make them fall into sobs and lose their lives.

Take advantage of speed-up lines

There are many speed-up lines on the road as power-ups. You can go through them to double your speed. However, you also need to be careful because the high speed can cause you to lose your life. Practice more skills to be able to control your motorbike proficiently.

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