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Parkour Race


About Parkour Race


Enter Parkour Race to run on an extremely thrilling track in the sky. Try to run to the finish line safely and accumulate as many gold coins as possible.

To avoid falling out of the track, you must navigate the stickman character to enter the right direction. The track can be divided into several lines, or there can be large gaps. You need to avoid them or use power-ups to overcome them. You can use the boards or parachutes to continue the race. Because the track may shrink, you need to be careful. What is more challenging, you face many obstacles. They are the blocks that are scattered across the track. They do not kill you but will take you a few seconds to stand up and continue running. So, do not collide with them to be the champion who reaches the finish line first.

In addition, let's collect as many gold coins as you can. Run through them to accumulate. Use them to purchase other skins. Good luck!

How to play

Use WASD to play.

Some practical tips to win in Parkour Race

Run in the middle of the track

Because some paths are narrow, running in the center of the track is an intelligent strategy to avoid losing your life. In addition, it is also easier for you to handle unexpected situations. And the bonus amount is placed in the middle, so you will be able to get more money.

Take advantage of the power-ups

The power-ups are not much, so you have to take advantage of them to go as far as possible. Use the parachutes to go further or jump higher by using the board. Make an effort to conquer this exciting race track. Outrun your opponent to win and become the champion. The finish line is very close to you, fighting.

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