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Police Endless Car


About Police Endless Car


Police Endless Car offers an amusing race track between your car and the police car. To escape, you must control your car to avoid colliding with obstacles.

In the game, the police chase you, so you have to run away not to get caught. Driving the car is the best way to escape. You need to drive your car to overcome all the obstacles on the road, such as rocks, barriers, wooden crates, crates, and so on. If you do not dodge in time, you will crash into it. Then you will be arrested. Quickly change lanes or jump over obstacles to dodge safely. In addition, there are many bends on the road. You need to control the car, so it goes in the right direction and doesn't hit the roadside barrier. Driving the farthest is your essential task.

Furthermore, you also have another mission which is to collect as many gold coins and diamonds as possible. Accumulate them to purchase some items in the shop of the game. They will help you to safety in the following turns. You also drive through some power-ups you see on the track to raise your coins and diamonds.

How to play

Use WASD or the arrow keys to play.

Some things in the shop of Police Endless Car

The fantastic cars

Select any car you want to play this game. The cars in the shop are diverse and have different features such as Life, Jump, and Speed. Let's use your coins to purchase. The more powerful the car, the more expensive it is, which is the reason why you must collect many gold coins.

Many power-ups

  • Coin Magnet: You will get more coins without driving through them, which helps you avoid obstacles.
  • Invincibility: Using this power-up is like having a shield. You will not die when crashing the obstacles. 
  • Speed Boost: Your car's speed will increase dramatically. The chance of running away from the police car is higher. 
  • Double Coins: When you own this power-up, your coins will be doubled. So, let's use them to purchase some other power-ups or cars.

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