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Rebel Gamio


About Rebel Gamio


Rebel Gamio brings the competition among many cute dog characters. Transform into your character to dodge obstacles on the track and reach the finish line.

This is a multiplayer game that appeals to a lot of different players. Firstly, you will transform into an adorable dog. Control your character to go through the journey with countless challenges. You must avoid dangerous traps such as roundabouts, wooden stakes, fence walls, etc. Look for the switches which can be removed easily. The game also requires you to use your wits to figure out how to get rid of enormous obstacles. For example, you need to find the right switch to open the big gate, or you have to find the key hidden in the colored boxes to open the fence.

In addition, you must outrun others to become one of the first ones to reach the finish line. The sooner you get to the finish line, the more points you get. Do not miss collecting all bones as a reward.

How to play: Use the arrow keys to play.

Several tips to win this game

  • Use switches to open large portals. You will have to use it many times because you won't be able to get through the gate without it. Don't forget to activate them to get through the portal.
  • Create traps for other opponents by activating bombs or large balls. These will hinder your opponent's steps. As a result, you can achieve high rankings on the leaderboard.
  • Wait for other opponents to pass and then observe the situation. Although using this method will be slower than the others, you will always be safe.

Some game modes in Rebel Gamio

Public room mode

You will face random players who are strangers to you. Join the game and fight hard to get the highest ranking. Can you become the champion?

Private room mode

In this game mode, you can join the game with your friends. All of you will compete fairly. It can be said that the game will strengthen your friendship. So, let's click the Play button now.

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