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Roller Ball 6 Bounce Ball 6


About Roller Ball 6 Bounce Ball 6


Join Roller Ball 6 Bounce Ball 6 to solve challenges. You will control your ball character, overcome challenges to reach the gate, and pass the level.

The game gives you interesting impressions from the first time you play this game. You will help the cute ball reach the gate and pass the level. However, to reach the gate, you must go through an extremely arduous process. The ball will have to roll over many different terrains. They can be flat or can be steep or puddles. Use the arrow keys flexibly to get through them all. In addition, you will have to face enemies. Those are carnivorous monsters. Let's jump them on its head to be able to destroy. Do not forget to save your fellows from the wooden cages and get more bonus points.

It is said that the game has unique graphics. It attracts you the first time. The colors are also very bright and harmonious. Everything seems perfect. The game sound is also very fun and pleasant. All factors will help you to immerse in the game. Let's join the highly addictive game now. Click the Start button to play.

How to play

Use the arrow keys to control.

Some unique features of Roller Ball 6 Bounce Ball 6

Many skins in the game

There are three types of skin. Each type includes a lot of skin with different images and colors.

  • Premium Skin: eight balls have fun shapes. You can unlock them by accumulating the coins to purchase or joining the lucky wheel to collect.
  • Rescue Skin: You can try many other balls with cute shapes in this type of skin. They can rescue you after colliding with obstacles or monsters.
  • Coin Skin: All skin of this type can be purchased with many coins. They are highly expensive, you often have to spend several thousand coins to buy them.

The increasingly challenging terrain with each level.

The more you level up, the more difficult the terrain becomes. You have to face more challenges. Use the power-ups or wooden boxes in the track to pass the level. For example, you can use wooden boxes to jump through the terrain.

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