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Roller Ski Queen


About Roller Ski Queen


Join Roller Ski Queen to become the brilliant skating queen on the ice track. Skate fast on the track to overcome others and reach the finish line safely.

Figure skating is a popular sport around the wide world. The character you will control in the game will be a female skater. You need to support her to become the queen of the skate. Navigate your character to be able to overcome other opponents in the game. Use power-ups on the way to speed up. In addition, you also need to be careful not to collide with other participants and obstacles. The obstacles are scattered on the road. They will kill you at any time. You can also collect sharp swords to be able to break these obstacles. Try your best to be able to go further and get the championship. Being a queen in the skating field is probably not too difficult for you.

Moreover, you should use gold coins to change other beautiful characters in the skin section. So, let's collect as many coins as possible.

How to play: Use the left mouse to control.

Some tactics you can use to win

  • Slide both sides of the track to collect many gold coins. When you change your position constantly, you will get the coins effectively.
  • Hold the left mouse button to increase your speed, and release it to decrease your speed. You may dodge almost obstacles when using this strategy.
  • Skating on the side of the track is also a good idea if you want to avoid obstacles in the middle of the road.

Some amazing power-ups in Roller Ski Queen

The magnets

Magnets are the ultimate power boosters. It supports you to collect gold coins without directly sliding over them. You will save time and be able to focus on the obstacles. So, let's collect them as soon as you meet.

The sharp blades

It is said that the ice track has a lot of obstacles. Their number of barrier rise with each level. Sometimes, because your speed is very high, you can not avoid them. This power-up will help you destroy all of them. However, you must remember that you can use them in a short time, then they will disappear.

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