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Slope 2 Player


About Slope 2 Player


The game of sliding with the ball, and overcoming obstacles in a 2 Player mode is available in Slope 2 Player. Join and compete fiercely in this special game.

Previously you were fascinated with the game Slope in single-player version, now you will have the opportunity to discover one more special game with more advanced features which is the game Slope 2 Player with 2-player mode. Let's find out the interesting things in this game.

Slope 2 Player is an online classic game developed on the Unity engine. The main task of this game is that the player must control the ball to avoid obstacles, collect diamonds and go as far as possible. Try to control so that the ball does not slide off the track.

The difference of this game from previous Slope games is the competition of 2 players. The screen will be divided into 2 parts and 2 players will compete fiercely with each other to win.

The rolling speed of the ball also increases gradually, the player must control the ball well and collect the most diamonds to reach the finish line. For those who want to practice, you can choose the 1-player mode first before participating in the 2-player race.

How to control

Player 1: Use the WASD keys.

Player 2: Use the arrow keys on the keyboard.

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