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Slope Tunnel


About Slope Tunnel


Join the Slope Tunnel to experience a new endless race track. The game requests you to navigate your ball to run as far as possible and avoid the gaps.

In this game, you will control the usual ball moves along the track. Let's direct the ball to the right or left to avoid dangerous obstacles. In this case, the obstacles are gaps in the tunnel's edges. However, if you are not concentrating, you can fall out of it, which will mean you lose and need to restart the game.

What is more interesting, the ball can roll on the adjacent. For example, when your ball runs on the vertical edges, it immediately makes them horizontal. In addition, you will face another challenge. The tunnel cannot be seen far ahead. It is formed right in the process of the ball's movement. Therefore, the gaps appear unexpectedly. Sometimes holes can appear seconds before the ball arrives. These things create difficult challenges for you. However, they will make you more and more drawn to the game. Will you find a strategy to overcome, or will you give up? Good luck.

How to play

Use WASD to play.

Some tricks to win in Slope Tunnel

Change the ball's position continuously

Since the ball can roll on any edge of the tunnel, you can freely move the ball to different edges to avoid the hole. Constantly switching positions is also a trick to help you succeed. Moreover, this trick will not affect your ball speed.

Run faster than the water rise speed

Ball speed will be adjusted by the system. You cannot directly control it. The further you go, the greater the ball's speed. High concentration to be able to dodge in time. Although you can't control the ball speed, you can have more hands-free. You will not need to combine too many operations to control the ball.

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