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Smarty Bubbles


About Smarty Bubbles


Smarty Bubbles offers a thrilling shooting bubble battle. Your task is to aim for the same color bubbles to destroy them and prevent them from reaching you.

In this game, there are a lot of colorful bubbles. They are arranged randomly. To clean all of them, you have to shoot another bubble to create a collection with at least three same color bubbles. The more bubbles you can destroy, the scores you get. Try your best to receive the highest scores. Your score will be recorded in the leaderboard section. This section will show the statistics about bubbles cleared, the game plays, the game won, shots and the time played.
Furthermore, you should note that the bubbles will come closer to you. Try to get rid of them before they reach you. Hope that you can get as many points as possible and be highly rated.

How to play

Use the mouse to play.

Some tactics you can use in Smarty Bubbles

Aim for the positions with the most bubbles of the same color

You will be able to remove multiple colored shadows at once. This is of great benefit to you as you will get more impressive scores. In addition, you will prevent the number of bubbles from coming toward you. The longer you maintain, the more points you get.

Shoot at the bubbles above

When you shoot down the balls at the top, the balls directly below them will also fall. According to this principle, you can optionally cause them to be destroyed. This will save you more time. Try applying this strategy on your next turn.

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