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About Snowball.io


Snowball.io is an extremely fun, addictive game thanks to its attractive gameplay. Control the character to eliminate all opponents on the snow playing field.

You will be taken to an arena in the snow. Your mission is to survive in that fierce arena. Your job is simply to name your character and participate in this winter arena. In the arena, you will move and roll the snowball. The longer you hold, the bigger the ball. Roll the snowball toward the opponent, or you can collide with others. But the important thing is that whoever rolls the bigger ball wins. The loser will be flung some distance or fall out of the arena. The most frightening thing is that this game will be narrowed down to the snow field. The icebergs will gradually sink into the ocean until a winner is found.

How to play

Use the left mouse to play.

Some traits of Snowball.io

Level and leaderboard system

The game has an experience and ranking system so you can compete with others. Online leaderboard statistics the results of each match on your device. After each match, you will get the experience to level up. The higher you go, the more skilled opponents you will meet and the more difficult it will be for you to win each match. Try to show all your skills to become the best player.

Many fancy skins

The game includes many beautiful and fancy skins for you to collect. Most of the costumes are Christmas-themed, like Santa Claus and snowmen. The game only has Christmas costumes and other stunning and eye-catching costumes such as Ninja, Penguin, etc. Furthermore, each costume has wonderful effects and rides on one side. different facilities. In addition to collecting characters, you can collect snowball costumes. And the special thing is that the costumes are opened by completing challenges and leveling up. This will keep you entertained and not bored.

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