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Sort Hoop


About Sort Hoop


Sort Hoop is a round arrangement game that attracts players through ingenuity, and smart strategy. Sort the rings by the same color as fast as you can.

Sort Hoop belongs to the most attractive Hypercasual game genre today. Why do you say that? Because it attracts players with extremely bright colors and creates a pleasant feeling for players. To win the game is a whole strategy. It takes intelligence, ingenuity, and agility. You need to think about how to take the next steps so as not to affect the speed of the game. It trains reaction ability and logical thinking extremely well.

The game levels will have increasing difficulty. More rings, more messy arrangement. To complete the game, you need to arrange the circles in the bars so that it is the same color. Move the rings logically between the bars to arrange them fastest.

The reward that you get at each round is coins. The higher the level, the more coins you will get. Try to win as many coins as you can and conquer more difficult levels.

How to play:

Use the mouse.

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