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Stacky Run


About Stacky Run


Welcome to Stacky Run in which you can play on the attractive platform with a stickman character. Control it to collect bricks and build bridges among islands.

The game is not limited to playing time, so you can play for a long time. It also does not require much manipulation when playing, so controlling the character is easy. Join the game to have fun and express stress. You will experience a unique and new playing space. Your mission is straightforward. You must control the stickman and collect as many bricks as possible. The bricks you have will help you build some bridges that help you move to other platforms. When you overcome all platforms, you can reach the finish line easily. Remember that you can only build bridges if you have enough bricks. As a result, you will lose or fall because you do not have any way to move.

Furthermore, you should collect diamonds to purchase new skins. They will make the game more interesting.

How to play: Use the left mouse to play.

Some tips to win for you

  • When collecting the bricks, you do not run out of the platforms because if you do that, you will lose some bricks in vain.
  • You should collect all diamonds before reaching the finish line. On the platform, there are many diamonds and if you reach the destination, you can not go back to collect them.
  • Select an excellent place to start building bridges. You will not use many bricks to build them.

The fun trait of Stacky Run

The game will have increasing difficulty. The higher the level, the more challenges there are. The gap among platforms is getting farther. Therefore, you need to find a smart strategy to make sure you have enough bricks to build the bridge. In addition, you can also exchange your character thanks to the diamonds you have. You will own more beautiful and meticulously designed stickman characters.

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