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Two Tunnel 3D


About Two Tunnel 3D


Play Two Tunnel 3D to enjoy the fantastic challenge with a ball character. Your task is to control the character to run the longest distance and dodge barriers.

The game offers a very realistic experience thanks to its third-person perspective. You will transform into a ball character to control it. Please support it best to be able to go further. On this unique race tunnel, your speed will also increase, and it might even get out of control. Use the arrow keys to help your character turn left or right and avoid colliding with the barriers. When you use the arrow keys flexibly, you can cross them easily. There are still more challenges for you to overcome. Like the obstacles, the gaps will make it more difficult because they are distributed widely in the tunnel. Stay focused to avoid falling out of the tunnel.

How to play

Player 1: Use WASD to control.

Player 2: Use the arrow keys to control.

Some features of Two Tunnel 3D

Two fantastic game modes

  • The 1 player game mode: You must conquer the tube by yourself in this game mode. There will not be any competitive pressure on you. Make an effort to finish the tunnel and run as far as possible. In the following race turn, you will receive the desired score.
  • The 2 Player game mode: You play the game with a friend in this game mode. There will be two sections on the screen. To navigate your ball, you should keep your attention on your side and try to go as far as you can. You will lose if you can not overcome the obstacle before your opponent.

The challenge of the game

It is clear that the obstacles are not evenly distributed. They come in various sizes as well. Additionally, they could obstruct your path when arranged widely in the tunnel. As a result, you will lose your life quickly. Let's check your errors and learn to perform the task more effectively. Have fun and good luck!

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