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Ultimate Flying Car


About Ultimate Flying Car


Discover an amusing race track through Ultimate Flying Car to become the winner. Control your car to play and complete your task in each game mode.

Have you ever played the ultimate racing game like this? Can your car fly? In this game, your car still functions as a normal car. It can run on the road, and you can drive as you drive a real car. But if you crash or roll over, it can keep you safe by flying. In a dangerous situation, the car will automatically open its wings to protect your car. This is a feature that few games have. You will have a new experience with the game. The mission for you will be specified in each game mode. There are two main modes. In addition, you can also join another person and control the same character on the same device. You need to use your skills to navigate your car and get the highest points.

In addition, you can select any cars you love to start the game. The car is free for you. You do not meet any requirements to unlock them or use gold coins.

How to play

Player 1:

"WASD" to move.

T to look back.

R to fix the car's position.

SPACE bar to handbrake.

Player 2:

Arrow keys to move.

L to look back.

U to fix the car's position.

K to handbrake.

Some game modes in Ultimate Flying Car

Free Fide game mode

In this game mode, you can drive freely. You can not follow any rules or tracks. Let's explore the terrain in your way. The game will be over if your car crashes many times or rollovers. You must be careful to play as long as possible. It can be said that this is the most accessible game mode and is suitable for many people. You should practice your skills through this mode first. Then, when you master it, you can move on to the next mode.

Racing game mode

This game mode requires you to have more skills. You have to skillfully let your car run on the track and not be rushed out. You will participate in a thrilling race with many others in this mode. Try your best to be the first to finish.

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